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Smart Balance Bike - Floral Hearts

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Smart Balance Bikes by Smart Gear, often referred to as "run bikes" or "balance bikes", which are pedal free and without training wheels, first and foremost help a child develop the most important skills necessary to later ride a 2 wheel bicycle with pedals: BALANCE and MOTOR SKILLS. 

Smart Balance Bikes were designed to develop a child's balance and coordination by simply allowing the child to sit and walk or run with the bike by pushing with their feet. If the bike starts to fall, kids instinctively regain their balance using their feet. Once they've gained some momentum and balance control they can lift their feet up as they feel comfortable and start cruising. Traditional toddler bikes with "training wheels" don't necessarily train or teach a child how to ride a bicycle. 




Product Features:

Children learn to balance and riding while boosting their confidence. No pedals! No training wheels!

Pneumatic rubber tires with extra long tube valves

Rubberized handle bar grips

Cushioned leatherette seat

Spokeless disk wheels to prevent little feet from getting caught

Unique carry handle incorporated in the bike's body

Limited steering radius to prevent jackknifing




Specifications and Dimensions:

Adjustable seat height to grow with your child with 5 height positions adjustable from 13.5 to 17.5 inches

Maximum weight: 60 lbs

Recommended for ages 2 years +



Eco Friendly

Wood harvested from a replenishable source

Formaldehyde free glue

Non toxic paints and lacquer

Carton is made from recycled paper with water based ink printing





Brand Smart Gear
Price: $89.99
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