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Edushape Melody Snaily

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Edushape Melody Snaily is a soft plush roll-up musical toy. Melody Snaily plays 8 different notes as they push the different colors on the snails back.

By pressing the antennae the snail changes between playing a single note for each color and then progress to using the included color-coded music cards to play recognizable tunes.



Product Features

Soft plush developmental toy

Two velcro straps easily attaches to a crib, stroller or bumper car

Unrolls and coils

Comes with 6 melody music cards

8 color-coded musical buttons



Product Specifications and Dimensions

5 ½"H x 17 ½"L x 4"W

Weight 1 lbs

2 AA batteries required (Included)

Recommended for ages 6 months +



Additional Information

Snaily is an educational/musical toy. Enhances sensory awareness, visual skills, hand-eye coordination. 




Ships to USA Only


Brand Edushape
Price: $29.99

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