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Catalog > Syma S107G Mini Gyro (Red)
Syma S107G Mini Gyro (Red)

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The RC hobby has always been driven by technological innovation. The Syma S107 helicopter is the latest benefactor of this continual push toward the future. Using the same physical concepts that drive a gyroscope, the S107 flies with unprecedented stability for a helicopter of its size. With the S107, you can now achieve the hovering stability and responsive controls of a higher end 4-channel helicopter at a fraction of the cost and bulk! Its portable size is perfect for today's movers and shakers. The S107 is charged via the included USB cable, making it possible for you to work on your laptop computer while your S107 charges for a quick flight during your study or work breaks. The amazing performance capabilities of the S107 makes it a great mini helicopter for all pilots, from beginners trying to learn the dynamics of rotary flight to more advanced pilots looking to practice their moves and maneuvers on an inexpensive heli.

Beyond its advanced engineering and aerodynamic performance, Syma's S107 has a revamped, aggressive design wonderfully suited to its hardy, stable flight patterns. The visually appealing colors and accents decorating the helicopter overlay a solid steel casing that houses the well-engineered rotary motor. To say that we're all rather in love with this product is probably a gross understatement; when we got them in, we all immediately took one home to play with, and we haven't stopped flying them since. But don't take our word for it - take a look yourself. Try one out and see what all the buzz in the rotary RC world is about!



Product Features:

Miniature helicopter

Fun for all ages

Gyro system for precision movement and flight

Gyro system also provides stable hovering

Trim Control

Great for indoor play

Travel-friendly (charge from transmitter)

Also called the S1



Dimensions and Specifications:

Length:: 5 inches

Width:: 2 inches

Height:: 3 inches

Frequency:: Triband (A,B,C)

Power System:: Lipo Battery

Radio System:: 3 Channel Radio Controller

Charge Time:: 40-50 minutes

Run Time:: Approx 6-7 minutes

Max Distance:: 20 - 40


In the Box

S107 Helicopter

3 Channel Radio Controller

USB Charger

Extra Tail Bl


Required: 6 AA Batteries




Price: $49.99
Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

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