New Batters Box Baseball Set

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Batters Box Baseball Set

Shop the Batters Box Take and Play Baseball Set at Sunny Street Toys

A classic Pastime in one box – Remember the old sandlot? Running and sliding on the bases in the warm summer sun with your team, waiting to step up to the tee to slug a ball into the outfield? Show your children why baseball is known as America’s Pastime with this Batters Box. Just unpack the box, set up the adjustable batting tee, and throw down the bases.

Portable and easy to carry, the Batter's Box is perfect for gym classes, neighborhood games with friends, or practicing in the backyard with family. Teach Fundamentals, swing mechanics, and basic baseball concepts. All you need is some open space, be it grass, dirt, or asphalt. And don't forget the bat!


Why You will love this Baseball Game:

The  Batter’s Box Baseball Game takes everything a young baseball player needs and jams into one convenient storage box. Give your cild a head start to help them go from the Pee-Wee Leagues to the Pro’s. After a game at the park, take it home, wash the bases and batting tee to keep this set in pristine condition. Watch as your little leaguers go from making contact on the ball to slugging it to the outfield.


Product Features:

Adjustable Batting Tee

5 Throw down bases

2 Safety Baseballs


Specifications and Dimensions:

Package size: 18.0” x 18.0” x 3.5”

Package weight: 11.2 lbs

Recommended for ages 4 years +



  • Brand: Brybelly
  • Product Code: SBBL-401
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $69.99