Blockopolis Jigsaw Block Set

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Blockopolis Jigsaw Block Set

Shop the Blockopolis Jigsaw wooden Block Set wtih 100 assorted pieces at Sunny Street Toys.

The Blockopolis Jigsaw Block Set helps spark your child's creativity as they construct a place for their characters to live and explore. Here's how to play: Start by assembling the city map. Blockopolis sits on a spacious, jumbo jigsaw puzzle with 35 pieces that's nearly 2 feet wide. Next, stack up the buildings. Mix & match Blockopolis' 9 buildings! There's a hospital, police station, and fire station; a post office, town hall, school, and a grocery store, pet shop, and car wash. It's a bustling busy city! After that, add citizens and vehicles. Drop in the nurse, fireman, police office, mailman, and teacher, and drive around the ambulance, fire truck, and school bus. Add in your own toys to fill the city up! And last but not least, play!"


With a variety of pieces and so many ways to set them up, little ones can let their imagination go wild!



Product Features:

Wooden Blockopolis City Block Set - 100 assorted pieces

Includes a jumbo 35 piece City Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Mix and match 9 buildings which includes a hospital, police station, fire station, post office, town hall, school and a grocery store, pet shop and car wash.



Specifications and Dimensions:

Made from natural cuts of wood and safe water-based paints

Jigsaw Puzzle Size: 24.5" x 17"

Item weight: 6 lbs

Recommended for ages 3 years +



  • $38.99