New Bocce Ball Set

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Bocce Ball Set

Shop this Deluxe Bocce Ball Set at Sunny Street Toys

Anytime is a good time for Bocce! It doesn’t take much to play Bocce. You bring the grass, sand, asphalt, or just about any flat surface, and we’ll bring the balls. Bocce is a mix of bowling, croquet and shuffleboard for 2-8 players of all ages. Score points by tossing your ball closest to the small target ball, or jack. But watch out, the other team may try to knock away your ball, or even knock way the jack. This Bocce Ball set outfits four players or four teams of two players and features smooth poly-resin balls that lend an authentic look, feel and weight. The set comes in a hardy convenient reinforeced nylon carrying case.

Why you will love playing Bocce Ball: Bocce has a long history and a low barrier of entry, which makes it a great choice for players of all ages. It requires minimal skill, and really can be played just about anywhere. Once a game gets going, the simple rule set that encourages ball contact means games get competitive quickly.


Product Features:

Includes 8 standard size bocce balls and 1 white poly-resin jack

Reinforced nylon carry case

Great for players of all ages

Handy instructions for playing and scoring are printed right on the box


Specifications and Dimensions:

Balls are 3.54” (90mm) in diameter

Ball weight: Appromimately 1.5 lbs

White poly-resin jack size 1.5”

Package size: 8.0” x 8.0” x 7.3”

Package weight: 13.4 lbs



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