Out Of Stock Cessna Airbus 3845 Toy RC Airplane

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Cessna Airbus 3845 Toy RC Airplane

The Cessna Airbus 3845 Remote Control plane is a choice plane for the rookie RC pilot. Engineered for easy flight, its simple, straightforward design makes it a chipper and cheerful member of your local airfield. The Airbus is a reasonably priced plane, a perfect product for those looking to see if RC flight is for them or not. It takes about 5 minutes to assemble, and barely that to take to the air making it possible for you to get from the grounded confines of your living room couch to blustery winds of your favorite flying location, all within the hour! Its elevated wings, optomized for stability and increased manoeuvrability, top a streamlined body that cuts through the atmosphere while maintaining steady flight patterns, a must for the RC novice. Inexpensive and forgiving, the only drawback to the Airbus is that it might set off an addiction to RC flight that may never leave.




Product Features:

    Comes Ready to Fly

    Great for Small Parks

    Aerodynamic Foam Body

    Full Function – Left/Right and Up/Down

    Great for First Time Pilots

    Simple Assembly, Charge, and Play



    Specifications and Dimensions:

    Length: 620mm

    Wingspan: 800mm

    Weight: 250g

    Frequency: 27mhz

    Power System: 7.2V 200mAh NiMh Battery

    Radio System: 2 Channel Radio Controller

    Charge Time: 40 minutes

    Run Time: 4-5 minutes

    Max Distance: 400 feet



      In the Box

        Airbus RC Airplane

        2 Channel Radio Controller

        7.2V 200mAh NiMh Battery

        A/C Wall Adapter


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