Infant & Toddler Toys

Infant & Toddler Toys

At Sunny Street Toys we have toys to keep infants and toddlers amused wherever they are.

Get ready to play with colorful and innovative products to develop baby's fine, gross motor skills and even a Baby Fitness Center to strengthen core muscles. These educational toys will keep your child highly interested throughout the baby and toddler years.



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Edushape Baby Ride & Read Out Of Stock

Edushape Baby Ride & Read

Edushape Baby Ride & Read is a thick, soft pillow book loaded with colourful on the go fun.  Little ..


Edushape Double Sided Baby Mat

Edushape Double Sided baby mat is a larger than life soft play mat for baby.  Brightly colored and e..


Edushape Dress-A-Pillar Learning Toy

With the Edushape Dress-A-Pillar life learning skills are made simple. First a snuggle pal and later..


Edushape Edu Tiles - Circle Mat 27 Pc

The Edu Tiles by Edushape serve as a fun and functional Sensory floor mat/puzzle using circles, part..


Edushape Edu-Fit Mega Pack Out Of Stock

Edushape Edu-Fit Mega Pack

The Edu-Fit Mega Pack is a fun and assured workout for busy babies and toddlers. These strength buil..


Edushape Edu-Training Mat

The Edu-Training Mat from Edushape is soft and multi-textured with colorful graphics and can serve a..


Edushape Edu-Weights

These colorful Edushape Edu-Weights with integrated baby safe mirror, a rattle, jangles and differen..


Edushape Feelings Friend Plush Toy

Edushape Feelings Friend Plush Toy introduces facial vocabulary to encourage children to easily expr..


Edushape Hug-A-Bug

The Edushape Hug-A-Bug huggable and unique plush toy is much more than a beautiful pillow.  It comes..


Edushape Large Pop-Up Box

The Edushape Pop Up Fabric Toy Box offers storage and function. The easy carry handles allow little ..


Edushape Linkets Basic - (Set of 66)

The Edushape Linkets are bumpy and lumpy to touch. Toddlers can snap them together to form links and..


Edushape Magna Giraffe

The Edushape Magna Giraffe comes apart to show different shapes and color clues on how to put the ge..


Edushape Melody Snaily

Edushape Melody Snaily is a soft plush roll-up musical toy. Melody Snaily plays 8 different notes as..


Edushape Mini Edu Animals - 28 Pcs - Bag

Edushape Mini Edu Animals are for animal lovers and builders, a combination of Edushape's Mini Edu-B..


Edushape Play & Sound Mat

The Edushape Play & Sound Mat offers more than a safe play area for babies. The mat is a stimulating..


Edushape Power Stretch

The Edushape Power Stretch is the perfect workout for toddlers. Use horizontal pulling to strengthen..