Ride Ons & Walkers

Ride Ons & Walkers

Shop fun and safe ride on toys and walkers for toddlers at Sunny Street Toys.

Children love the motion and thrill of being mobile on riding toys. Our ride on toys will not dissappoint with their comfortable seating and special material inside that make noises as they ride. Learning to walk and balance with our Fire Engine Walker which works on a friction system that prevents it from moving too fast is a safe way to grow and develop. Find Rocking Raffy, Rocking Crocodile and the Wonder Rocking Horse among the many ride on toys at Sunny Street Toys.



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Hape Scoot-Around Ride-on Tricycle

The Hape Scoot Around Four-wheel drive takes on new meaning with this foot-powered rider. The ride o..


Wonderworld Fire Engine Walker Out Of Stock

Wonderworld Fire Engine Walker

The Wonderworld Fire Engine Walker is a child's dream. Learning to walk with this fire engine walker..


Wonderworld Giraffe Walker n Shape Sorter Out Of Stock

Wonderworld Giraffe Walker n Shape Sorter

The Wonderworld Giraffe Walker 'N Shape Sorter is a fun wooden baby walker with crinkly ears and mov..


Wonderworld Hopping Bunny Walker Out Of Stock

Wonderworld Hopping Bunny Walker

With the Wonderworld Hopping Bunny Walker your child will enjoy countless hours of play while learni..


Wonderworld Puffy Dragon Ride-on Toy Out Of Stock

Wonderworld Puffy Dragon Ride-on Toy

The Wonderworld Puffy Dragon is a four-wheeled plush ride-on. This plush ride-on is designed for chi..


Wonderworld Ride-on Fire Engine Out Of Stock

Wonderworld Ride-on Fire Engine

Imagination comes alive with the Wonderworld Ride-On Fire Engine as children can now ride around wit..


Wonderworld Rocking Crocodile Out Of Stock

Wonderworld Rocking Crocodile

The Wonderworld Rocking Crocodile is the ideal toy for children who enjoy playing pretend and is a g..


Wonderworld Rocking Raffy Out Of Stock

Wonderworld Rocking Raffy

This lovely Rocking Raffy is a wonderful baby rocker by Wonderworld. Raffy the giraffe has a back re..


Wonderworld Wonder Rocking Horse Out Of Stock

Wonderworld Wonder Rocking Horse

The Wonder Rocking Horse is a lovely designed rocking horse with curved wood. Children can write the..


Wonderworld Wonder Walker Out Of Stock

Wonderworld Wonder Walker

The Wonder Walker from Wonderworld has a bright red design with a cute rabbit on one side and a bear..


Wooden Balance Bike

This Wooden Balance Bicycle will help children learn coordination, steering skills and practice main..