Soft Toys

Soft Toys

Cuddles have never been so much fun with our great range of soft toys at Sunny Street Toys.

Plush toys make timeless gifts for newborns and our Sock Monkeys are perfect for older kids. Our soft toys are equally suitable as a life-long companion for your little one, just as they are a piece to treasure for the collector.




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Edushape Baby Ride & Read Out Of Stock

Edushape Baby Ride & Read

Edushape Baby Ride & Read is a thick, soft pillow book loaded with colourful on the go fun.  Little ..


Edushape Dress-A-Pillar Learning Toy

With the Edushape Dress-A-Pillar life learning skills are made simple. First a snuggle pal and later..


Edushape Edu-Weights

These colorful Edushape Edu-Weights with integrated baby safe mirror, a rattle, jangles and differen..


Edushape Feelings Friend Plush Toy

Edushape Feelings Friend Plush Toy introduces facial vocabulary to encourage children to easily expr..


Edushape Hug-A-Bug

The Edushape Hug-A-Bug huggable and unique plush toy is much more than a beautiful pillow.  It comes..


Edushape Magna Giraffe

The Edushape Magna Giraffe comes apart to show different shapes and color clues on how to put the ge..


Edushape Melody Snaily

Edushape Melody Snaily is a soft plush roll-up musical toy. Melody Snaily plays 8 different notes as..


Edushape Power Stretch

The Edushape Power Stretch is the perfect workout for toddlers. Use horizontal pulling to strengthen..


Edushape Soft Elephants

Edushape Soft Elephants are really cute and extra cuddly, these Elephants are full of discovery. As ..


Sock Monkey Bus Out Of Stock

Sock Monkey Bus

Get on board the Sock Monkey School Bus as they go on a field trip to Banana Farm! Children will lov..


Sock Monkey Family

These stylish Sock Monkeys are a classic twist on retro toys! The members of The Sock Monkey Family ..


Sock Monkey Limo

Princess Penelope and Sammy Sarsaparilla are getting married! Join the fun as these two monkeys and ..