Infra-Red Laser RC Battle Tank Set

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Infra-Red Laser RC Battle Tank Set

Get ready to wage war with these 14'' Infra-red RC Battle Tanks. They come in a set a two so you can battle your opponent with infrared power. They are controlled by a simple transmitter that lets you rotate the gun and fire a cannon. Once firing, the tank roars and sends an infrared beam signal attacking the opponent. Once hit by the laser, tanks become damaged, indicated by the flashing lights. Makes a great toy for adults and children of all ages. Get yours today and battle with a friend.



Product Features:

    Realistic camouflage designs

    Infrared turrets

    Fire infrared lasers from up to 25 meters away

    Turret has 300 degrees of rotation for maximum maneuverability

    Turret has 30 degrees of vertical lift for precision aiming

    Life force indicator flashes with lights and sounds when a tank has been hit

    Capable of climbing up a 30 degree incline

    Fully Functional (moves left, right, forward, and back)

    Real Tank Treads for off-road tactical maneuvering



    Specifications and Dimensions:

    Running Time: 20 minutes

    Top Speed: 5mph

    Fire infrared lasers from up to 25 meters away

    Range: 30m

    Battery: 4.8V battery

    Dimensions: 11 in x 5 in x 4 in.



    In the Box

    2x Infrared Laser Battle Tanks

    2x Full Function Controllers

    2x 7.2V 400mAh Battery Packs

    2x A/C Wall Charger (110V)

    Instruction Manual




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