Out Of Stock Russian KV-1 (Kliment Voroshilov) Ehkranami RC Battle Tank

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Russian KV-1 (Kliment Voroshilov) Ehkranami RC Battle Tank

The Kliment Voroshilov (KV) tanks were a series of Soviet heavy tanks, named after the Soviet defense commissar and politician Kliment Voroshilov. The KV series were known for their extremely heavy armour protection during the early war, especially during the first year of the invasion of the Soviet Union in World War II. When the KV-1 appeared, it outclassed the French Char B1, the only heavy tank used in the world at that time. Later in the war, the KV series had become a base of development of the excellent Iosif Stalin tanks. With this sizable, and realisticially detailed tanks, you too can send your enemies running. Give them a taste of the power in this inspired tank that can hold up to 40 airsoft BBs at once. Able to shoot while moving this tank can rain fire down while scaling inclines of up to 35 degrees.



Product Features

    Realistic camouflage body and decals

    Airsoft gun with automatic reloading

    Can fire airsoft BBs up to 40 ft

    Holds up to 40 airsoft BBs at once

    Multi-directional tank movement (left, right, forward, backward)

    Multi-directional turret movement (left, right, up, down)

    Capable of firing while moving

    Equipped with real treads that allow the tank to climb surfaces of up to 35 degrees



      Specifications and Dimensions:

        Length: 20.8 in

        Width: 9.1 in

        Height: 8.2 in

        Frequency: 27 mhz

        Power System: 7.2V 1700mah Ni-Cd battery

        Radio System: Multi-functional radio controller

        Charge Time: 2-3 hrs

        Run Time: 20 min



          In the Box

            Russian KV-1 RC Tank

            Multi-Functional Radio Controller

            7.2V 1700mah Ni-Cd Battery

            Bottle of Smoke Fluid for Generator

            40x BBs

            Tank Commander, Plastic Accessories and Decals

            A/C Wall Charger




              8 AA Batteries


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