Wooden Balance Bike

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Wooden Balance Bike

Shop the innovative Wooden Balance Bicycle at Sunny Street Toys

This Wooden Balance Bicycle will help children learn coordination, steering skills and practice maintaining the balance they need to ride a two-wheel bike. If your child is eager to ditch the tricycle and start riding a two-wheeled bicycle, this Wooden Balance Bicycle is a great way to ensure a smooth transition. Made from real wood, this innovative bicycle does not have any pedals or spokes. Instead, children straddle the bike and push themselves around, eventually coasting. The wooden hub caps on this bike feature a spoke-free design so little legs and feet don't getting tangled up while the bike is in motion. The limited steering feature helps prevent accidents and spills, allowing children to build confidence as they learn to maintain their balance.



Product Features:

Tires on this bike feature long-stem valves so you can easily air up the tires when needed. 
Each bike features a seat with adjustable height settings

Pneumatic rubber tires help ensure a smooth ride

Rubber handlebars help maintain a comfortable, no-slip grip.

The red velveteen seat is cushioned for maximum comfort. 

There is a convenient space in below the handlebars on the frame so parents, grandparents or other caregivers can easily carry the bike or load it into the car.



Specifications and Dimensions:

Lowest seating on the bike measures 12" off the ground, adjusts to max height of 15.25"

Distance between handlebars is approximately 13.25". Distance from handlebars to ground is about 21"

Bicycles total length is 33"

Comes pre-assembled in the box, only 3 bolts to tighten.

Maximum weight limit is 50 lbs

Made from real wood and non-toxic lacquer and paint.

Recommended for ages 3 years +





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